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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A long time passed since I've posted few month ago!
I think I'm ready to begin again. ^_^

Here there are two casual-Vintage styles.

Please click to see better!

I Look:

Hair: Clawtooth [135 L sale for a colour pack]
Skin: And Bean [Group Gift]
Tee: Vive9 Single Layer Tank in Bourgundy [Free, store retired]
Belt: Lelutka, mi vida belt- Terra [Group Gift]
Skirt: Modern Gipsy [Part of an outfit previosly free in store]
Socks: Mother Goose's [dollarbie pack different colours, here in green]
Shoes: Kookie [previous 50L Friday]
Bracelet: Pacadi [Free in subscribo]

II Look:
Hair: Exile [free at Enky's dollarbie shop]
Skin: And Bean [Group Gift]
Shirt: Fri.day [Free in shop with other cute things]
Trousers: JUJU [Part of Vintage salopette Free]
Shoes: Kookie [50L Friday]
Necklace: Pacadi [free in subscribo]


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