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Friday, January 22, 2010

Street Elf .. or somethin!

Every Thing Free, expept few dollarbie

- Click images to see them better!-

Skin: Fab Free 8000 K - Free by Heartsick [Group FabFree Gift]
Hair: Analog Dog Free ball DI violet - Free by Analog Dog [recolored]
Lashes: Eye Lashes w/dots - Free by Sky Everett
Ears: Elven Pierced Elf Ears - Dollarbie by [B]
Corset: Strapped Corset- Free by Rotten Toe [Group Gift]
Skirt: Denim Skirt - Free by Kanival [Group Gift]
Gloves: Punky Kitten - Free by Dark Kats [past hunt in their shop]
Shoes: Cortigiana Booties - Free by PM [SAH item]
Bracelet: Plastic Bracelet 07- Free by A:S:S [hunt item]
Djunk bracelet o1 - Dollarbie by Djunk
Necklace: Wintery animated necklace - Free SWL [Down the Chimney hunt item]
Belt: Viking Belt - Free by Ducknipple [SAH Item]
socks: Djunk retro balls socks blum - Dollarbie by Djunk

Skin: Mistletoe and Wine "Reverie" - Free by Heartsick [POE hunt item]
Ears: Elven Pierced Elf Ears - Dollarbie by [-B-]
Hair: Noel in Red - Analog Free Ball [recolored]
Piercing: Basic Cheecks - Dollarbie by [-B-]
Confession - Free Skream! [SAH item]
Top: Green Bressiere - Free by Peppermint Blue
Pants: Red chained - Free By Peppermint Blue
Denim Skirt: Attitude Green - Free by Canimal
Socks: green - Free Bye Peppermint Blue
Shoes: - Free by Delirium [SAH ITEM]
Leather Gloves: Fingerless Leather- Free by XTC


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