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Monday, January 11, 2010

Le Cirque Burlesque

Today I've tried to create a "Cirque" atmosphere using some items I took among holiday's Hunts.

Skin: Curio - Gala and Rita group Gift
Hair: Rotten Toe Group Gift
Corset: part of Carnival Dollie outfit - The Doll's house gift for Tarot Hunt
Skirt: part of Deck of Tarot outfit - Sick with lust gift for Torot Hunt
Socks: part of an outfit - Lucky Chair Blood Noir
Gloves: Part of Christmas outfit gift - Pixel Doll
Hat: Casual Vodoo special edition hat - Poison apple gift for tarot hunt
Shoes: J's laced boots group gift


This one is just more feminine and burlesque style!

Skin: Curio- Gala and Rita group Gift
Hair: Magika
corset: Rotten Toe group gift
Top and pants: Crazy gift
Guntlets: peppermint
Feathers fans: Chananimation lucky gift

p.s: I'm realizing that the blog picture's uploader is really bad and just distroy the quality of pics I've posted since now. Next time I'll try to upload them in a different way! I'll also post them in my Flickr gallery as soon as I'll create a new account.

See you soon :)


Anonymous said...

;)love the pictures and the looks!

Kaetel Seubert said...

Thank you xbordeaux *_*

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